Meet Sofia J., a designer whose creativity knows no bounds. Born under the sign of Leo, she draws inspiration from architectural greats like Mies Van der Rohe.

Originally from San Juan, Sofia is a true Renaissance woman. She honed her craft at one of the most prestigious institutions for artists and creatives, the Pratt Institute in New York. There, she earned her Bachelor of Architecture degree before pursuing a Juris Doctor at the Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico.

Her journey through different places and encounters with diverse people have shaped her into the multifaceted individual she is today. But beyond the experiences, they have ignited within her big dreams, meaningful friendships, and innovative ideas.

Now, Sofia channels her passion into the realm of creative jewelry making. Her distinct line is characterized by organic shapes, captivating textures, vibrant hues, and captivating dimensionality.

  • For Sofia, it's not about becoming famous, though she acknowledges it would be amazing if it happens. It's about something deeper—about people loving and wanting to wear her products. It's about experimenting with new materials and methods, about creating new concepts and stories, and translating them into beautiful pieces of art that a human being can wear and loves to wear. It's about relevance and integration, about involving admirers in the process and showcasing what can be achieved with tools not originally designed for this purpose. Ultimately, it's not about her; it's about what she can do. It's about creating a new kind of jewelry.


Step into the world of Sofia's iconic design, the "Cola Earrings." Inspired by the graceful movements of the plant known in Puerto Rico as "cola de pescao," fishtail palm, these earrings are a true embodiment of nature's beauty.

Crafted from metal, these earrings capture the essence of the plant as it sways in response to the gentle caress of the elements. Each element of the design is meticulously chosen to evoke the fluidity and elegance of the natural world.

When worn, the Cola Earrings come alive, engaging with light, motion, brightness, and dimensionality. With every movement, they create a mesmerizing interplay of shadows and reflections, offering a dynamic and ever-changing visual experience.

Experience the allure of the Cola Earrings—a harmonious blend of artistry and nature, designed to captivate and enchant with every glance.