Collection: Summer Resort


Summer Resort Collection

Embrace the vibrant spirit of summer with our Summer Resort Collection, featuring a stunning array of handcrafted jewelry designed to add elegance and charm to your seasonal wardrobe. Each piece in this collection is meticulously crafted with high-quality materials, including 18kt gold-plated base metal, natural gemstones, and handmade resin-covered gold foil wood beads.

Our collection includes exquisite earrings like the Under the Sea Earrings, featuring compounded turquoise beads, resin-covered gold foil wood beads, and orange coral chili peppers, symbolizing protection and vitality. The Demi Cola Fish Earrings showcase Sofía's iconic design, with dangling crystal pearls, handmade resin-covered gold foil wood beads, and gemstone fish shapes in lapis lazuli, crystal quartz, or rose quartz, each with its own unique healing properties.

Necklaces in the collection, such as the Agua Necklace, combine agate beads, compounded turquoise, vintage blue aura quartz, cultured natural baroque pearls, and gold seed flowers inside resin beads, offering a harmonious blend of protection, tranquility, and creative energy. The Ocean Necklace features compounded turquoise beads, symbolizing protection and tranquility, while the Ocean Breeze Necklace includes a mix of turquoise beads and orange coral chili peppers, adding vitality and enhancing the beauty of the turquoise.

The DeBase Quartz Necklace is made from natural quartz gemstone beads and handmade resin-covered gold foil wood beads, with quartz known for its clarity and healing properties. The Sand Necklace and Playa Necklace are versatile pieces perfect for layering, with natural gemstones and delicate designs.

Charm lovers will delight in our unique selection of pendants, including the Stalactite Charm, Elan Quartz Charm, Tigereye Fish Charm, Larimar Cabochon Charm, Quartz Claw Charm, Under the Sea Charm, Anandalite Quartz Charm, Baroque Pearl Charm, and Orange Coral Charm. Each charm features natural stones with distinctive meanings, from clarity and protection to serenity and vitality.

Perfect for summer getaways and resort wear, the Summer Resort Collection effortlessly combines sophistication with vibrant, beach-inspired designs. Enhance your summer adventures with the timeless elegance and unique craftsmanship of our jewelry, each piece telling its own story through the beauty of natural gemstones.

Summer Resort